Vignettes on Hajj

As the dusty, weary, thirsty pilgrims approach the blessed house they fall into orbit around it, eyes full and hearts yearning, hands outstretched towards the magnetic black cube towards which they prostrate back home. This lonely brick structure in the middle of an uninviting desert, unremarkable save for its symbolism, continues to attract longing souls… Continue reading Vignettes on Hajj


He walked through the snow, mouth wide open and eyes focused and half closed, trying to land a snowflake on his tongue. All kinds of flakes made their way down from the heavens, fat ones and tiny ones, all moving too fast for his mortal eyes to make out, much less appreciate, the intricacies of… Continue reading Kismet


“The last computable infinity,” he said, “is the biggest infinity that we can work with. Beyond that is a host of infinities, infinitely incomputable and yet infinitesimally out of our reach. There are infinities greater than other infinities, ones that we can classify and construct and others that are a magical mess of numbers and bits, stretching on… Continue reading Infinities